Speak and Learn Spanish the Same Way You Learned English

You can speak and learn Spanish the same way you learned English. How did you learn English? You were submersed in an English-speaking world. You did not know what it all meant but you heard it for many hours a day and from many different voices, in many different situations. You learned from context and you had lots and lots of repetition. Before long, you developed an “ear” for it.

You cannot re-create that early learning without a total immersion, however, what you can do is learn from it. In order to speak and learn Spanish, try to listen to a lot of Spanish, figure out the words in Spanish and have lots of repetition. Repetition is the key to learn to speak conversational Spanish.

Try doing short skits. They require a bit of practice and the repetition is built in. But the repetition has meaning – so it is not boring.

There are some fun skits in Spanish in a Basket.

Drills Are Boring - Change it Up

Games, videos and music are much more fun. Find games that are fun to do over and over. Like the match game with pictures (for young children).

Download Spanish music and try to decipher the words in Spanish. Children love to listen to the same stories over and over, which really helps them speak and learn Spanish.

Use your daily routines to build repetition. When you brush your teeth say….

  • Me levanto los dientes.
  • When you eat say… Yo como. (I eat).
  • Or drink… Yo bebo. (I drink).
  • When you go to sleep say…..Me acuesto.

  • Make Spanish Part of Your Day

    The following list of words in Spanish can help you make Spanish part of your day. You will easily learn to speak conversational Spanish.

  • Me despierto. I wake up. .
  • Me baño. I take a bath..
  • Me ducho. I take a shower. .
  • Me pongo la ropa. I put on my clothes .
  • Yo duermo. I sleep. .

  • Learn and Remember by Doing and by Repetition.

    Learn and remember by doing and by repetition.

    Here is a little dramatic play game, to do with a group of kids. It incorporates some of the verbs above.

  • Hola amigos.
  • Hello friends. Let’s start our day in Spanish, so each one of you lie down and go to sleep and say…
  • Yo duermo.
  • Time to get up. So say…
  • Yo me levanto.
  • I get up.
  • Repitan. Yo me levanto.
  • Get up and stretch and yawn.
  • Brush your teeth. Say…
  • Yo me lavo los dientes.
  • Scrub them.
  • Repitan. Yo me lavo los dientes.
  • And comb your hair. Say…
  • Yo me peino. Repitan. Yo me peino.
  • Time to get dressed. First let’s check the weather. Look outside through the window.
  • La ventana.
  • So let’s get dressed. Everyone say.
  • Los pantalones.
  • Pants. And say…
  • La camiseta.
  • Tee shirt. And say…
  • Los zapatos.
  • Shoes.
  • Are you hungry? Say…
  • Tengo hambre. Tengo hambre. Tengo hambre.
  • Are you thirsty? Say…
  • Tengo sed. Tengo sed. Tengo sed.
  • Do you want breakfast? Say…
  • Quiero el desayuno.
  • In Mexico, children like to drink hot chocolate with breakfast.
  • El chocolate caliente.
  • Hot chocolate.
  • Repitan. El chocolate caliente.
  • And now it is time to go to school. So say.
  • Yo voy a la escuela.
  • Act it Out. Have Fun and Learn Conversational Spanish.

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