Learn Conversational Spanish Phrases

It is useful to learn conversational Spanish phrases. It helps with fluency and basic Spanish and is handy for travel. Don't translate word for word, rather think in Spanish and use the entire phrase.

Once you have mastered them, try variations and think of different situations that you may encounter.

Basic Spanish Phrases

Hola Hello
Adiós Goodbye
See you later. Hasta luego!
I am sorry. Lo siento.
Where do you live? ¿Dónde vives?
I live in Spain. Vivo en España.
I live in Mexico. Vivo en México.
I live in the United States. Vivo en los Estados Unidos.
How are you? ¿Cómo estás?
Well or fine Bien
Bad or not well Mal
So, so Más o menos
I speak Spanish. Hablo español.
I do not speak Spanish. No hablo español.
I speak English. Hablo inglés.
I do not understand. No comprendo.

For kids

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Try to practice the phrases out loud, preferably with a friend. Using dramatic play to mock real life situations will help you remember, plus it is fun. Don't forget your sense of humor.

Spanish Restaurant Phrases

I am hungry. Tengo hambre.
I am thirsty. Tengo sed.
He is hungry. Él tiene hambre.
She is hungry. Ella tiene hambre.
I want… Quiero…
Here is … Aquí tiene…
A fork Un tenedor
A spoon Una cuchara
A knife Un cuchillo
A plate Un plato
Please Por favor
Thank you Gracias
Your welcome De nada
Breakfast El desayuno
Lunch El almuerzo
Dinner La cena
Napkin Una servilleta
I want dinner. Quiero la cena.
I would like a salad. Quisiera una ensalada.
I have a reservation for four. Tengo una reserva para cuatro.
Menu La carta
Check, please. La cuenta, por favor.
Potatoes Las patatas
Chicken El pollo
Shrimp Las gambas
Sandwich El bocadillo
Soup La sopa
It’s delicious! ¡Qué delicioso/a!
Soda El refresco
Coffee El café
Water El agua
I am a vegetarian. Soy vegetariano/a.
Steak El bistéc
Well done Bien cocido
Medium rare Medio crudo
Rare Crudo

Cook a meal and practice these phrases. "Play restaurant", and you will associate a wonderful experience with these words. Here are some of my favorite Spanish recipes. Try recipes from different Latin American countries and from Spain. What do they have in common? What is unique to each region?


Where are the taxis? Dónde están los taxis?
Where is the cathedral? ¿Dónde está la catedral?
Where is the metro? ¿Dónde está el metro?
Where is the theatre? ¿Dónde está el teatro?
Straight ahead Recto Adelante
Turn right. Gire la derecha.
Turn left. Gire a la izquierda.
Street Calle
Is it far? ¿Está lejos?


Do you have any rooms available? ¿Hay habitaciones libres?
I need a room for two. Necesito una habitación para dos.
How much does it cost per night? ¿Cuánto cuesta la noche?
Is breakfast included? ¿El desayuno va incluido?

The hotel clerk is often the first person you will speak Spanish with, while traveling. Although they often speak English, don't waste the opportunity to practice and build your confidence.

Line Dance to Learn Left and Right - Click Here

Fun Game to Learn Directions

Draw a map with various destinations and roads i.e. theatre, school, the train station etc. Give your child a small match box car. Have your child drive to the different destinations and tell you if he or she is going to the right, or to the left, or straight, in Spanish.

Learn With Your Child

Learn Spanish with your child. You can practice by using dramatic play. Hopefully you and your child will have the chance to travel and use all the Spanish you have learned. Whether for pleasure, business or study abroad - there is a good chance you will need to know Spanish.

My children were lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Spain at a young age. We practiced Spanish together at home and then tried it out in Barcelona, Spain. (Catalan is spoken there, but we were able to use our Spanish).

Children are not afraid of making mistakes, so they are very confident speakers. We were lucky to meet children on the beach and that is when the Spanish really started to flow. My kids started with their limited vocabulary and soon were mimicking their new friends.

The experience furthered their interest in language learning and they continue to think it is fun and exciting. Always their favorite subject at school.

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