My Review of Rocket Spanish Learning Software

If you want to learn Spanish on-line, Rocket Spanish learning software is my recommendation. Here is my Rocket Spanish review.

The program works well for beginner or more advanced adults or children 10 and up. For younger children I recommend Spanish in a Basket.

I tried this course myself and was very pleased for the following reasons:

You Will Learn Authentic Pronunciation

This Spanish learning software is designed and recorded by Mauricio Evampieff – a native Chilean. So, you will hear perfect native Spanish pronunciation.Pronunciation is a very important part of learning. You will learn to pronounce Spanish correctly, so people will understand you. Otherwise, why bother? You will have many opportunities to speak. You activate a microphone from your computer and repeat phrases after Mauricio, while they are being recorded.Then you can compare them to the original. Keep repeating and adjusting until you get it right.

This way you will develop an authentic pronunciation and be understood when you speak Spanish.

You Will Have Everything You Need

Rocket Spanish learning software provides an extremely comprehensive course.

The syllabus* is listed below(scroll down to bottom) and as you can see it covers everything you need to learn, for a general Spanish course,I would equate it to several years of high school Spanish - it is well worth the money.

The program starts out with greetings and then adds on – a feature I promote, because if you review and add on you are likely to remember the phrases in the long run.

I particularly liked “the perfect coffee” lesson (a priority for me) and the birthday lesson is fun. On one of my voyages abroad we were actually invited to a birthday party.

By Reading and Hearing Spanish Simultaneosly You Will Learn Efficiently

Rocket Spanish learning software starts out with a short dialog between Mauricio and Amy.You simultaneously hear and read the dialog.You can learn whether you are a visual or an audio learner. Plus the added benefit of learning to read the language simultaneously.You will find this method to be very efficient.

The pronunciation is clear and well paced. You will understand it and you will begin to learn to speak conversational Spanish.

Then you are asked to repeat phrases. This is your chance to perfect your pronunciation.

•Tools to Help You Progress

After the lesson, there is a short on-line multiple choice quiz on the material from the lesson.

It then tells you the correct answers and also tracks your progress.

I liked this feature because you can determine what you need to review and what you have down pat.

Language and Culture Section – So You Will Know What to Say and When

Culture is very important when you are learning languages and it is particularly important for travel. The Rocket Spanish cultural section has practical information. I knew that in Latin America people kiss on the cheek when greeting, however, one thing I learned from the culture section is that you can expect to kiss even the first time you meet someone.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you will want to know these customs. The language includes all the nut and bolts of the Spanish language. Things like when to use ser versus estar, irregular verb, pronouns etc.

If you want a very complete Spanish language section, you will find this section invaluable.

If your goal is simply conversation, then you probably will stick to the dialog section, however you will like having the language section as a reference.

• Games - So You Can Have Fun While Learning

The games build in lots of repetition in a fun way.

Since the subject of my site is fun Spanish, I of course recommend the games.

You can have fun, while learning.

You CanTry It For Free

I tried it free of charge initially, and then bought it .All you have to do is type in your email (they have a strict privacy policy) and within seconds you have access on-line – and can begin to learn Spanish free.

Then when I did buy it , there was a secure payment system in place. I always recommend making sure there is secure payment, when you purchase anything on-line. For Rocket Spanish learning software you can use major credit card, clickbank or Paypal so you don’t have to worry about reliability.

This concludes my Rocket Spanish review.

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