Spanish Food

What is Spanish food? It is so many foods from all over the Spanish speaking world. Not only different tastes from the many local ingredients, but also varying styles of eating. For example, in Spain they eat dinner late at night – 10 pm or later. But they also have wonderful snacks called tapas to hold you over.

With access to the web, you can find indigenous ingredients from different countries and really make dishes authentically.

Learning culture and language, through Spanish food, is my favorite way to learn. A perfect way to learn for both children and adults, and you can share the experience with friends and family.

Here are some yummy ways to get started.

Mexican Chocolate

More that just a delicious food, chocolate has history that dates back to Mayan times. It was used for rituals and also for currency. Imagine trading in cocoa beans.

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Tapas Recipes

Tapas come from the verb tapar, which means to cover. Drinks were often served with small covers to keep the flies away. It wasn’t long before small appetizers to munch with the drinks were served. In time, tapas and drinks became a tradition and the tapas became more and more interesting and delicious.

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Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa originated in South America. It dates back to the Ancient Incas who thought the crop was sacred. Quinoa is high in protein, fiber and nutrients. My favorite recipe includes fresh berries and honey.

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Salsa Recipes

Salsa means sauce in Spanish. Sauces were made by the Aztecs however, they have come a long way. There are now literally hundreds of salsas that you can easily make. Whether you want to make Salsa verde, Salsa roja or pico de gallo, we have a recipe for you .

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Mole Sauce

Prounounced moh lay this Mexican sauce is great with meat or chicken and rice. There are many types of this sauce but most good moles begin with chilies. The most well known type is a mole poblano, which is made with Mexican chocolate.

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Peruvian Recipes

From breads such as Pan de Anis to seafood ceviche, Peru offers unique recipes made from Andean grains, fresh sea food and indigenous fruit. How about a nice Sopa de Criolla soup?

…Peruvian Recipes…Read More

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