Spanish Culture

Spanish is spoken in many different countries. It is important to learn Spanish culture, along with the Spanish language. Culture helps you understand the language and the language helps you understand the culture. Besides, it if fun and interesting to learn and hopefully experience Spanish culture. For kids, it helps teach tolerance and makes children more flexible and open-minded.

To experience culture, cook, play music, dance and celebrate holidays. When you learn the greetings, shake hands or kiss according to what is customary. For my favorite Spanish cookbook, click here. Be sure to try the enchiladas verdes.

Where do they speak Spanish? Learn about the many different countries where Spanish is spoken and perhaps …visit.

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Piñata parties, torta helada , and music define birthdays in Peru, while ear tugs are customary in Spain. How are birthday traditions the same and how do they vary in different countries.

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The best way to experience Spanish culture is by cooking. Learn about tapas, gazpacho soup and paella from Spain. And my favorite desserts like churros, flan and tres leches cake from Mexico. My son visited Costa Rica ate Arroz con Pollo ( chicken with rice), for practically every dinner. Try his authentic recipe.

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Should you shake hands, or kiss hello? What time are meals typically served? Is it considered rude to walk around barefoot at someone’s house? Learn typical Spanish customs.

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Spain’s flag has two horizontal red stripes at the edges with a double wide yellow horizontal stripe in the center. The Peruvian flag has two red vertical stripes representing the blood that was spilled during Peru’s fight for independence. The Mexican flag has green, white and red horizontal stripes and a coat of arms. Read more about Spanish flags and make your own “banderas “.

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The Argentina flag has two sky blue horizontal stripes, top and bottom, with a white stripe of equal size in the center.

In the center there is a Sun of May (Sol de Mayo), which is a national emblem of Argentina.

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Mexico’s biggest fiesta, Mexican Independence day is called El grito de Independencia, celebrating independence from Spain. In Puerto Rico, El Día de los Tres Reyes Magos, or Three Kings Day is more important than Christmas Day. Children go to bed with a box of grass at their feet, so the camels of the Three Kings can much on it when they visit. In highlands of Ecuador, holidays are celebrate with days of round the clock feasting, drinking and dancing.

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Famous Spanish artists -. Diego Velázquez painted portraits of the royal family. Francisco Goya is known for his famous “black paintings”’ while Salvador Dalí’s surrealist art worked in many mediums.

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