Mexican Chocolate

Mexican chocolate is my favorite. Yes, I am a chocoholic and love the flavor as well as the extraordinary history and the many uses.

With a strong chocolatey taste, it is complimented by various spices such as cinnamon. I find it makes the best hot chocolate. It is also used in many sauces, such as mole sauce.

I learned everything I know about chocolate from Chocolate University On-line. If you want to steep yourself in chocolate knowledge and comfort,

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Table Chocolate

Chocolate para mesa (table chocolate) is the best and most authentic type. It is a cooking, rather than an eating, chocolate and has a grainy texture. It is often produced in round wedges.

The molinillo, a decorative wooden whisk, is used to mix the chocolate with hot milk.

For healthy low fat chocolate, that is actually good for you, I use a raw chocolate. Here is a link to a great book, about healthy chocolate. It is particularly good for sugar free diets and great for kids. Click here.

They even say it is fat burning. I can't vouch for that but i can tell you it is quite good.

Champurrado Recipe

In Mexico, champurrado is a hot drink made with masa flour. Here is a recipe for it. I recommend chocolate from Mexico and using a mollinillo, for the full experience. It makes a hearty breakfast drink or late night “snack”. In Mexico, it is a tradition for Day of the Dead and often served with tamales.

½ cup masa four dissolved in ¼ cup of water

2 ¼ cups milk

1 cup water

1 disk authentic chocolate from Mexico

1/2 cup brown sugar

Blend the masa and water until smooth. Separately, warm the milk in a saucepan and add the chocolate and sugar. Slowly add the masa mixture and begin whisking, with the molinillo. Allow the chocolate to melt completely and blend all the ingredients evenly. Serve immediately.


With a rich and lengthy history, Mexican chocolate originated with the early Mayans. It became a vital part of Aztec culture.

The Mexican climate is perfect for growing cocoa beans, or cacao as the ancients called it. Cacao beans, which grow on the cacao tree, were used for currency and in religious ceremonies – including weddings!

I bought this ebook, and the recipes use a much healthier chocolate. You will not get fat from this type of chocolate, it is low fat, low sugar, vegan and gluten free. Click here.

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