Learning Spanish for Kids is fun and easy!

Learning Spanish for kids is much easier than for teens or adults. Children have a natural propensity to mimic sounds and can pronounce Spanish with a perfect accent. It is very important to make it fun – introduce age appropriate activities – no need for boring lessons. What is the Best Age to Learn?

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Spanish for kids comes naturally. Kids learn to think in Spanish right from the get go, rather than translating first. They are comfortable learning from context and can quickly master vocabulary and phrases. Language learning for kids is not really foreign. After all, if you have just learned -- or are just learning – English, then other languages are just another way to communicate. What is the best way to learn Spanish?

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Best Way to Learn Spanish



Immersion is not for everyone, but it is the fastest way to learn Spanish. Do you have an opportunity for immersion? If not, what types of immersion situations can you create?

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Let’s sing! Kids love to sing, as we all do. Singing is a fun and easy way to learn Spanish at any age. Singing makes learning memorable and entertaining. Just like singing the alphabet, songs are a useful memory tool in language learning for kids. Sing vocabulary, sing stories and even sing the verbs.

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Learn naturally using the five senses. Touching, hearing, seeing , tasting, and smelling (well, maybe we are pushing it a little on this one) are important in learning Spanish for kids. Children can learn vast amounts when learning by doing and they can learn Spanish fast.

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Capitalize on opportunities. Do you know someone who speaks Spanish? A babysitter… the server at the luncheonette? Do you have any opportunities to visit Spanish speaking countries?

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Learn through play! Dramatic play creates memorable situations that stimulate the imagination and really help children learn Spanish. Play restaurant, go on a picnic, and meet new friends --- all while learning Spanish for kids.

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Repetition is the key to early language learning. Make it fun and engaging while changing the context.

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Bilingual kids have many advantages. Do one or both parents speak Spanish? Go for it!

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You and your child will need the help of someone who is fluent and preferably native. Learn about and find a "Language Helper".

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Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish with Language Helpers

Instead of boring drills, make Spanish part of your day. Here's how...

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Here are my personal recommendations for Spanish programs, to help you learn. For kids I recommend

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