Learn Spanish Fast by Using the Five Senses

Learn Spanish fast means learn Spanish easy. Under the age of seven -- which is prime time for language learning -- most children are too young for traditional lessons. They can, however, learn vast amounts the same way they learn everything at a young age -- by watching, hearing and, most importantly, by doing.

I incorporated this principal in Spanish in a Basket. Think in terms of giving your child opportunities -- several times a day -- to learn by using their five senses. Let them hear, touch, see, taste and smell (well maybe I'm pushing it a bit on this one) the focus language.

Let's Start With Hearing

Play audios and videos created for teaching your focus language. A wide assortment of resources is today available on the market in toy stores, bookstores and on the Web. Such materials can help your child begin to develop an ear, and become comfortable with the different sounds of their focus language.

Just as when learning English, children will begin to understand the focus language before they speak it. Do not be concerned if your child doesn't master every single word they hear. Early language learning is largely a matter of figuring out what is going on in general, and then drawing conclusions from the context.

In fact, you may find that your child picks up more than you do! Most adults need to see written text before they can comprehend foreign language, however young children naturally decipher the sounds.

Learn Spanish Easy

Repetition is the key to learn Spanish fast. Your child will figure out the words little by little, so be sure to play the same tapes and videos, over and over again. Fortunately, young children love to hear things repeatedly, and will begin to request their favorites.

My kids love to listen to foreign language recordings during car rides and just before bedtime -- which is great because they are more focused on listening during quiet time. Encourage your children to sing along and to repeat the phrases they hear.

Add Touching and Seeing...

...in daily, routine activities. For example, to learn the foods, visit the supermarket. This is something you probably do together anyway. At the store, pick up some apples and hand them one at a time to your child. As he or she puts each one into the plastic bag, say the word for "apple" in the focus language. Eventually you will be saying the words together. Continue with other foods and add new items the following visit.

If you have trouble recalling the words, bring along some note cards. But before long (if you go through groceries like my family does), they will not be necessary.

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