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Learn fluent Spanish by learning vocabulary on a variety of different themes. Try to use songs, activities and games to make learning memorable. Also study expressions and complete phrases to help learn fluent Spanish.Keep adding new vocabulary and reviewing.

Spanish Vocabulary


How is the weather? ¿Qué tiempo hace?
It is cold. Hace frío.
It is hot. Hace calor.
It is sunny. Hace sol.


The winter El invierno
The spring La primavera
The summer El verano
The autumn. El otoño


Hello Hola
Good day Buenos días
Good afternoon Buenas tardes
Good bye friends Adiós amigos

See you later. Hasta luego.


The family Hola
The house La casa
The mother La madre
The brother El hermano

The sister La hermana

The baby El bebé
The baby cries. El bebé llora.

Days of the Week

Sunday Domingo
Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miércoles

Thursday Jueves

Friday Viernes
Saturday Sábado

Months of the Year

January Enero
February Febrero
March Marzo
April Abril

May Mayo
June Junio
July Julio

August Agosto

September Septiembre
October Octubre

November Noviembre

December Diciembre

School Vocabulary

The backpack La mochila
The notebook El cuaderno
The door La puerta
The window La ventana

The board La pizarra
The eraser El borrador
The students Los estudiantes
The pen El bolígrafo
The pencil El lápiz
The desk El escritorio

The chair La silla

The paper El papel

The book El libro
The class La clase

Primary school La escuela
University La universidad
A student Un Estudiante/ una estudiante

A teacher Un professor/una profesora
Library La biblioteca

A calculator Una calculadora
To study Estudiar

To learn Aprender

Homework La tarea
I have the paper Yo tengo el papel.
I have the pencil. Yo tengo el lápiz.
I have the pen. Yo tengo el bolígrafo.

Relay Races to Practice Spanish for Children

Divide into teams with same number of people on each team. If there are more on some teams than others then . Race 1The first person puts on the backpack while everyone on the team says “la mochila.” The person passes to the next person in the team who does the same thing. When the last person puts on the backpack, and everyone says “la mochila” that team stands up and says “número uno”. And they are the winner. If there are a lot of teams you can play for second place and that team can stand up and say “número dos.”

Race 2Pass the backpack and say “la mochila” again however, before putting it on put the notebook into the backpack and say “ el cuaderno”. Then empty the backpack and pass to next person who repeats until the last person. Again the first to finish needs to say “número uno”.

Race 3Same routine as above except in addition to putting the notebook in the backpack you also need to put a pencil in the backpack and say “El lápiz” . This is a repetition game everyone has to also say “El cuaderno” when putting the notebook in and “la mochila” when putting the backpack on.

Race 4Same routine but this time add in a pen “el bolígrafo.” Finally, when the team has won this time they need to say “Nosotros vamos a la escuela.” (We go to school).

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