Irregular Spanish Verbs

Irregular Spanish verbs should be learned in groups, that have similar patterns. Fortunately, many highly irregular verbs are very common, and you will have many opportunities to hear and use them.

With children – Spanish irregular verbs should be learned naturally, through games and play.

Ser To be
soy somos
eres sois
es son

Estar To be
estoy estamos
estás estáis
está están

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Ir To go
voy vamos
vas vais
va van

Dar To give
doy damos
das dais

da dan

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Stem Changing Irregular Verbs

The following verbs change the stem, in the present tense, for all forms except nosotros and vosotros.

Jugar To play
juego jugamos
juegas jugáis

juega juegan

Dormir To sleep
duermo dormimos
duermes dormís

duerme duermen

Volver To return
vuelvo volvemos
vuelves volvéis
vuelve vuelven

The following verbs are conjugated the same way. Devolver (to give back), envolver (to wrap or wind up), revolver( to stir). One of my favorite foods is los huevos revueltos (scrambled eggs).

Almorzar To lunch
almuerzo almorzamos
almuerzas almorzáis
almuerza almuerzan

Spanish Irregular Verbs That Add G in Yo form

The following irregular Spanish verbs change the stem, in all forms except nosotros and vosotros. They also add a g to the stem, in the Yo form.

Tener To have
tengo tenemos
tienes tenéis
tiene tienen

These irregular Spanish verbs are conjugated like tener: abstener (to abstain), contener (to contain), detener (to detain), entretener (to distract), mantener (to support), obtener (to obtain), retener (to retain), sostener (to defend).

Venir To come
vengo venimos
vienes venís

viene vienen

Salir To leave
salgo salimos
sales salís

sale salen

Poner To put
pongo ponemos
pones ponéis

pone ponen

Similar verbs: componer (to compose), oponer (to oppose). Traer and oir add the g in the Yo form. Oír also adds y in several forms.

Traer To bring
traigo traemos
traes traéis

trae traen

Oír To hear
oigo oímos
oyes oís

oye oyen

Change C to G in the You Form

Hacer and decir change c to g in the Yo form.Decir changes e to i in all forms except nosotros and vosotros.

Decir To say
digo decimos
dices decís

dice dicen

The verb hacer is used to describe the weather. Hace frío (It is cold). Hace calor (It is hot). Download the weather song – free MP3 download.

Hacer To make or to do
hago hacemos
haces hacéis

hace/td> hacen

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Change Stem to ie

The following verbs change the stem except in the nosotros and vosotros forms.

Pensar To think
pienso pensamos
piensas pensáis

piensa piensan

Cerrar To close
cierro cerramos
cierras cerráis

cierra cierran

Empezar To begin
empiezo empezamos
empiezas empezáis

empieza empiezan

Querer To want
quiero queremos
quieres queréis

quiere quieren

Other Important Irregular Spanish Verbs

Ver To see or watch
veo vemos
ves veos

ve ven

Prever (to preview) is conjugated the same way.

Saber To know
sabes sabéis

sabe saben

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