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Here is how Spanish for Kids and French for Kids got started... I was in the airport gift store in Paris, France frantically looking for just the right gift for my three year old Holly. I had just finished a four- day business trip. At the time I did not realize, that in fact, I would bring back a far greater gift for Holly, than could be found in all of Paris. The seed for Spanish for Kids and French for Kids was planted.

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During my meetings over the four days, I was impressed as I watched the Europeans switch language from French to English to Spanish as they addressed different people in the room. I realized how important it is for my children to learn to speak different languages.

Upon returning home, I read several articles reporting that young children -- especially those under age ten -- can learn languages with great facility and a perfect accent. I was now determined to give my daughter the gift of early language learning.

I started teaching French to my daughter at age three. After much success with her, I decided to start her younger brother Spencer even earlier -- at eighteen months.  
 How can you give your child enough exposure to foreign language for him or her to really benefit from that early childhood gift?

... Fast forward 17 years ...

I have devoted the last 17 years to passionately helping my children learn to speak Spanish and French and developing curriculum, games, dances, products, stories and songs all geared to making Spanish for Kids and French for Kids fun and memorable. Fun for the child and the adult. I am learning too! This site is all about sharing it all with you. French and Spanish phrases, culture, recipes, dances, games and songs.

Holly is now a junior at GW University. She speaks fluent French and Spanish, and is majoring in International Business. After spending a semester in Madrid, Spain she feels her languages and experiences helped her land a competitive internship.

Spencer is now a freshman in high school. His standout subjects are French and Spanish and he is off to Costa Rica for the summer to learn Spanish culture.

Watching all the success my children achieved and all the fun they have had has further confirmed the importance of Spanish for Kids and French for Kids or any early language for kids. Whether you are a parent, school or someone looking for fun ways to learn languages, I’d like you to share in my techniques and love of languages and cultures.

Enjoy all I have to share on the following pages and share your stories and adventures with the community.

Bonne Chance.

Buena Suerte.

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