Happy Birthday Song in Spanish and Spanish Traditions

Cumpleaños Feliz

Happy Birthday Song in Spanish

  • Cumpleaños feliz
  • Cumpleaños feliz
  • Te deseamos a ti
  • Cumpleaños feliz

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    Spanish Vocabulary

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  • Feliz cumpleaños - Happy Birthday
  • ¿Cuantos años tienes? - How old are you?
  • Tengo cinco años. - I am five years old.
  • Tengo seis años. - I am 6 years old.
  • Tengo siete años. -I am 7 years old.
  • Tengo ocho años. - I am 8 years old.
  • Tengo nueve años. - I am 9 years old.
  • La fiesta. - The party.
  • Me gusta la fiesta. - I like the party.
  • Me gusta la piñata. - I like the piñata.
  • Me gusta comer el pastel. - I like to eat cake.
  • Me gusta bailar. - I like to dance.
  • Mexican Birthdays - Spanish Traditions

    Mexican birthdays are celebrated with a fiesta (party). Family and friends are invited. Children break a piñata, which is a brightly colored paper mache shape or animal, filled with candy, toys and coins. Birthday cake is served. In Mexico, the 15th birthday is very special for girls. This special birthday is called quinceañera. A mass is held in the girl's honor and after there is a celebration.

    Spanish Birthdays

    In Spain, name days are often more important than Spanish birthdays. After attending church, a small family celebratory meal, with delicious cakes, is the Spanish tradition.

    Other Spanish Traditions

    More Spanish Birthday Traditions

    Puerto Rico

    The birthday celebrant receives one tap on the arm for every year.


    For the quinceañera, the girl wears an elaborate pink dress with her first pair of high heel shoes.


    A big fiesta is thrown. The happy birthday song in Spanish, accompanies the cake and candles. Piñatas are popular.


    For the quinceañera party, the girl dances the waltz with her father.


    Just like in Mexico, large parties with piñatas are the Spanish tradition. The Happy Birthday Song in Spanish and then in English is sung.

    How to Play Piñata

    The piñata is usually based on a theme and is a beautiful, colorful paper mache construction. It is hollow inside and filled with toys, goodies and candy. It is hung from a string and children take turns donning blindfolds and wacking the piñata with a stick, until it bursts open and all the children gather up the goodies.

    How to make a piñata

    Compare and Contrast

    How do we celebrate our birthdays? What traditions are the same or different? What special birthdays do we have?

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