French Vocabulary

Build your French vocabulary, by learning words based on a theme. We use a picnic theme in Fun French for Kids.

The House - La Maison

Kitchen La cuisine
Livingroom Le salon
Dining room La salle à manger
Bedroom La chambre
Door La porte
Window La fenêtre
Garden Le jardin

“Build a house” . Use 8X10 pieces of paper. Have children draw each room and say the French name. Then assemble the rooms together on the floor or on a board.

For further practical themes read my review of French on-line software.

The Family - La Famille

Mother La mère
Father Le père
Sister La soeur
Brother Le frère
Baby Le bébé
Grandfather Le grand-père
Grandmother La grand-mère
Cousin Le cousin (m), La cousine (f)
Aunt La tante
Uncle L’oncle

After you build your house, put a family in it. It is most fun to use dolls and name each one. Or, alternatively cut out paper dolls.

Once children have learned the names of all the family and all of the house, start to combine French vocabulary and tell them to up the mother in the bedroom or the brother in the kitchen.

School - L’école

Classroom La salle
Board Le tableau
Pencil Le crayon
Pen Le stylo
Paper Le papier
Book Le livre
Notebook Le cahier
Backpack Le sac à dos
Calculator La calculatrice
Computer L’ordinateur

The best way to learn classroom words is to be in the classroom. Scavenger / treasure hunts that tie in the French vocabulary are memorable. If you are home, here is a fun game for a small group. Divide the group into two teams in two lines. Give the first child a backpack, pencil, pen, notebook and book. He or she has to name each one in French and then put it into the backpack put the backpack on and then hop three times and pass it to the next person. The next person empties the backpack and then names each item in French and so on. The first team to get through the entire line wins.

Animals - Les Animaux

Horse Le cheval
Dog Le chien
Cat Le chat
Duck Le canard
Rabbit Le lapin
Cow La vache
Giraffe La girafe
Lion Le lion
Bird L’oiseau
Tiger Le tigre
Monkey Le singe
Elephant L'éléphant

My favorite way to teach the animals is with plush animals.

The best part is that these plush animals “only speak French”. Start out by learning the name of each and you can have children make the associated animal noise with each one. Then play guess what is missing. Start out just with two animals and then say the name of each. Le cheval, le lapin. Then have the children close their eyes “fermez les yeux” and hide one behind your back. The children have to guess in French which is missing. Next round add an additional animal – Le Chat . Have the children repeat the names of all three animals and then hide and guess again. Continue adding a new animal in each round.

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