French Learning Games Promote Memory Skills

Play lots of French learning games. The best part is that you can do them over and over – supplying much needed repetition. Plus, they can be done with friends, which promotes conversational skills. Whether in the classroom or at home, these French games for kids are a great way to increase vocabulary. Here are some of our favorites:

Fishing for French Words

Put a blue tarp (we used a plastic shower curtain) on the floor for the “pond”. Then make cutouts of different shapes for vocabulary. Attach a paper clip on each one and put them in the pond. Fasten a magnet to a string and if possible attach to a stick. Let children fish out the words while they say each word. You can do different themes- foods, classroom objects, animals, families etc.

Guess What’s Missing

Place two objects on the table and as you put each one down the children have to say the name in French. For example, une pomme – An apple or une orange – An orange Have the children close their eyes. Hide one item and have the children guess in French, which is hidden. For the next round, add a third object however, point to each one again and have them repeat the name ie une pomme, une orange, une carotte. Hide one object and continue the game, adding a new object each round.

Match Game

  • La maison - The house
  • La salle de bains- The bathroom
  • La chambre - The bedroom
  • Le salon - The livingroom
  • La cuisine - The kitchen
  • Le toit - The roof
  • La mère- The mother
  • Le père- The father
  • La soeur - The sister
  • Le frère - The brother
  • Le bébé- The baby
  • Le jardin- The garden
  • To print our 8 x 11 Match Game Cards click here


    The following activities are great for school classes or a group. Play pass the ball with different color balls. Add catchy music and chant the color which is being passed. Then reverse directions and go faster.

  • Rouge - Red
  • Jaune - Yellow
  • Orange - Orange
  • Vert - Green
  • Bleu - Blue
  • Blanc - White
  • To listen to our pass the ball music and mini lesson click here. Also, listen to our Color song on our French song page. Click Here.

    Classroom French for Kids features our Pass the Ball Game
    Magic French for Kids CD teaches colors as part of the fun

    French games for kids make learning fun. Make up your own games!

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