French Language Courses For Schools

Classroom French for Kids

A multi-media program designed specifically for preschool through Elementary School

Our French language courses get kids moving, speaking and singing.

You can breathe easy and get ready for fun, because you do not need to know a word of French to use our program. Everything is pronounced on the five CDs that we supply. You will learn along with your students.

Our program makes French come alive by using props, french games for kids and dramatic play. To learn the foods, children pack a picnic basket with toy food. To learn colors, they play games using different color balls; to learn greetings, children use finger puppets; and our stuffed animals "only understand French." Simon says, Eiffel tower game and "Guess What's Missing" are just a few of the games played as a class.

What's Included?

Our French language courses include lesson CDs with interactive lessons. Also included are storybook DVD, props for each child in the class (up to 25 participants) , coloring sheets, videos, Teacher's Manual with curriculum, and entertainment CDs.

Lesson 1

For example, Lesson 1, starts with an introductory story about Bobby, an English-speaking little boy, who wants to play with Marie, a French-speaking little girl.

Every child is given a Bobby and Marie puppet. They use the puppets to learn how to say hello, my name is… and good-bye. They learn the “Bonjour Bobby” and the “Au Revoir” songs. Everything is pronounced on the CDs.

Fast Forward to Lesson 6

Each lesson reviews vocabulary from previous lessons and adds on. In this lesson the children are going on a picnic … “un pique-nique.” Every child is given a bag with a wooden apple, orange, cheese, bread and carrot. The CD directs them to, pack the picnic basket … “le panier.” “Hold up an apple…une pomme and put it in… le panier.” After the basket is packed, they are instructed to march to their picnic singing the “Un Pique-nique song.” They learn how to say “I am hungry” and “I eat an apple,” etc. Everything is pronounced on the CDs.

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For further information or to discuss how to integrate this program into your school call Beth Manners at 203-454-4543. Program is also available in Spanish.

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