French Irregular Verbs

French irregular verbs are should be learned in groups, that have similar patterns. Fortunately, many highly irregular verbs are very common and so you will have many opportunities to hear and use them.

With children – learning French irregular verbs should be done naturally through games and play.

Être To be
suis sommes
es êtes

est sont

Avoir To have
J’ai avons
as avez

a ont

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Faire To make or to do
fais faisons
fais faites

fait font

Faire is used to describe with. Quel temps fait-il? (How is the weather?) Il fait beau(It is nice).

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Aller To go
vais allons
vas allez

va vont

For the French irregular verb prendre (to take), notice the stem doubles the n in the third person plural. The following verbs are conjugated the same way: comprendre (to understand), apprendre (to learn) and surprendre (to surprise).

Prendre To take
prends prenons
prends prenez

prend prennent

Voir and Croire

The irregular French verbs voir (to see) and croire(to believe) follow a similar pattern.

Voir To see
vois voyons
vois voyez

voit voient

Croire To believe
crois croyons
crois croyez

croit croient

Dire and Lire

It is easy to learn these two French verbs together. Notice there is a difference in the vous form.

Dire To say
dis disons
dis dites

dit disent

Lire To read
lis lisons
lis lisez

lit lisent

Partir and Friends

Partir (to leave) is an IR verb, which takes RE verb endings in the present tense. Also notice the stem changes.

Partir To leave
pars partons
part partent

prend prennent

The following verbs follow a similar conjugation pattern: dormir, sortir (to go out), servir (to serve) and mentir (to lie).

Venir / Tenir and Others With the Same Pattern

Venir To come
viens venons
viens venez

vient viennent

Tenir To hold
tiens tenons
tiens tenez

tient tiennent

Obtenir (to obtain), revenir (to return),maintenir (to maintain) and appartenir (to belong), follow the same conjugation pattern.

Pouvoir and Vouloir

Pouvoir To be able
peux pouvons
peux pouvez

peut peuvent

Vouloir To want
veux voulons
veux voulez

veut veulent

More Irregulars

Écrire To write
écris écrivons
éris écrivez

écrit écrivent

Savoir To know
sais savons
sais savez

sait savent

Spelling Changes

For present tense ER verbs with stem ending in the letter g, add an e to the stem in the nous form and then add the regular ending. The e keeps the nous form pronunciation soft, rather than an hard g sound.

Manger To eat
mange mangeons
manges mangez

mange mangent

Similarly, ER verbs that have a stem ending in c,change the c to c cedilla in the nous form, which keeps the soft c pronunciation.

Commencer To begin
commence commençons
commences commencez

commence commencent

ER French verbs with the stem ending in y,change the y to i in all the singular forma and also in the third person plural form.

Nettoyer To clean
nettoie nettoyons
nettoies nettoyez

nettoie nettoient

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