What Is the Best Age to Begin French for Kids?

The best age to begin French for kids, is under 10 years old. Although it is easier for children to learn to speak, it is possible to learn languages at any age and I encourage all to continue to learn.

However, studies show that it is much easier to learn as a young child. If you just think about it, it makes sense that if you just learned English your mind is more open to new sounds and ways of communication. If you know any families who have emigrated from other countries, notice that the kids pick up English much faster than the adults and with better if not perfect accents. As I like to say, for young children languages are not foreign.

When should you start – what is absolutely the best age to begin? I started teaching my daughter at age 3 and was so successful that I started her brother at age 18 months. When he went to school he added Spanish at age five.

Anytime is the right time to learn but the earlier the better!

As each year goes by, children become more entrenched in English and more resistant to other languages. I have seen this happen with my own kids. At age two, my son did not care whether he was spoken to in English or in French. However, by age four, he had become so proficient in English that he preferred English.

Do Children Get Confused?

For typical learners, although there may be the occasional mix up, for the most part children are able to keep languages separate. It is very important to have certain associations with particular languages, in order to keep from confusing them. For example, with Grandma I speak French, but with mom I speak English. Or, I chat and think in French during French story time and in English the rest of the time. This is particularly useful for multi-language households and

bilingual kids.

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