French Crafts for Kids - To Learn About France

Try these French crafts for kids at home or in class. A fun and memorable way to learn a little about France.

Lavender Sachets

In the charming towns of Provence France, lavender grows in the fields. Beautiful, fragrant and colorful, it is wonderful to scent drawers and protect from moths.

1. Purchase or make bag – preferred fabrics are silk, tulle, organza or bridal satin.

2. Decorate bags – be creative – sew or glue on buttons, use fabric markers.

3. Dry lavender for approximately 2- 3 weeks. Lavender can also be purchased.

4. Pull buds off of dried lavender and discard stems. Place in a large bowl.

5. Add Lavender Oil (approximately 1/8 oz per 1lb of lavender).

6. Fill bags and tie.

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French Perfume

All over the world, perfumes from Paris are enjoyed. Many of the biggest names - Dior, Lauder are French. In the small town of Grasse, the climate is perfect for horiculture and many fragrances are produced at the perfume houses in Grasse.


You will need:

  • 2-3 Tbsp Jojoba Oil
  • 20-40 drops essential oils of your choice
  • Dark bottle with a lid or cap
  • 2 tbsp. diluted water
  • 1. Combine jojoba oil with the essential oil (or oils), in the dark bottle. Fasten cap.
  • 2. Place the bottle in a cool, dry place for at least a week. Shake the bottle once a day.
  • 3. Measure out 2 tbsp. of diluted water and pour that into the bottle. Then mix everything up by putting the lid back on and shaking the bottle.

  • 4. Adjust according to preferance ie add more oils or water.
  • 5. Pour into a stylish perfume bottle and voila… le parfum.
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    Le Tour de France

    The tour de France is an annual bicycle race. The course “circles” France. It is approximately 2000 miles and takes about 3 weeks. The finish is in Paris, on the Champs-Élysées. During each stage the overall leader wears a yellow jersey - le maillot jaune.

    Make your own Maillot Jaune!

  • 1. Start with a yellow tee shirt. If it is new, wash it and dry.

  • 2. Place a piece of cardboard inside of the shirt, to prevent paint from seeping through.

  • 3. Free hand or with stencil letters paint “Le Tour de France” using fabric paint of your choice.
  • 4. For stencils, tape onto surface and dab paint with a sponge until cut outs are completely filled. Do not remove stencil until paint is dry.
  • 5. Continue to decorate with fun stencils or with stamps.
  • 6. For stamps, paint the raised part of the stamp with fabric paint. Then lightly apply to the shirt.
  • 7. Let all paint dry for several hours. Then turn shirt inside out and iron on medium setting to seal.
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    Make a Pipe Cleaner Bicycle for the Tour de France

  • 1. Take a pipe cleaner and make a 1” diameter circle, at each end. The middle section is the frame.
  • 2. Use a second pipe cleaner and bend the end back on itself approximately ½ inch. This is the seat – attach to the frame and use the remaining section to make a handlebar by shaping into a U.
  • 3. Cut excess pipe cleaner.
  • 4. You can make a person out of pipe cleaners too!
  • What an easy French craft for Kids!

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