French Activities - Keep Learning Fun and Interesting

Try to find a variety of French activities, which will make learning fun and interesting. It is much easier to remember French words when you have a fun association such as a game or song.

Here Are Some Interesting Ways to Learn

Play lots of games. The best part about games, is that you can do them over and over – supplying much needed repetition. Plus they can be done with friends promoting conversational skills.

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Coloring Sheets are a great way to reinforce vocabulary and phrases for young children. You can even assemble them into a book – to be read again and again. And download free coloring sheets.

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Crafts for Kids can combine vocabulary and culture. Such French activities are memorable.

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Singing is entertaining and promotes memorization. Sing vocabulary and phrases and sing the verbs.

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Try to incorporate language learning through doing into your day. When your child is getting dressed learn the words for clothes, when it is time for breakfast learn the silverware, plates and breakfast foods. And the next time you visit the zoo, learn the names of the animals. Learn verbs by doing them, walking, standing, sitting, running, singing and jumping.

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At night, after storytime follow up with French storytime. French storytime will become so much a part of your bedtime routine, that your children will demand it.

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Plan a French birthday celebration. Bring in cultural elements and sing the happy birthday song in French.

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Learn about the French flag. It has and interesting history and dating back to the French revolution.

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Try and think of your own activities, that you and your child can do together. Or, let your child make suggestions. This is a great way to spur creativity and to make your child love language-learning. It is also nice to have special activities, that you do together.

Friends and family can partipate too. You will be spreading your love of languages to others.

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