Our Free Coloring Sheets Help Reinforce Vocabulary

Our free coloring sheets are an effective way to reinforce vocabulary and learn French phrases. Children enjoy using crayons, which is an age-appropriate activity. The results can be assembled into a book or hung on walls, to provide lots of review. Pictures provide yet another association to help teach children French.

When you teach children French, comprehending conversation and speaking are very natural and easy at a young age. We do not promote teaching young children to read French. Rather, put the effort into conversation skills.For children who are just learning to read English, it can be confusing and counterproductive to bring in another language. For example, final consonants are not pronounced.

Older children (10 and up) who are solid English readers, can then quickly learn to read French. So don’t use our sheets to teach young children to read French, you can read the phrases and then ask your child to repeat.

Learn French Phrases

As part of our Classroom French for Kids program, we have developed picture sheets for many phrases. Just click on the following, for our sheets (by phrase).



comme ci,comme ça






je voudrais

s’il vous plaît



pique nique


Oú habite-tu?

Promoting Fluency

Learning French phrases helps children think in French, rather than translating each word. The key to fluency is to think in French. In addition to coloring, singing, dramatic play, and watching French DVD’s also help teach children French and encourage them to think in the language.

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