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My passion is spreading language learning and early language learning.

I have devoted the last 17 years to this cause. The benefits you can receive by learning other languages and experiencing other cultures are tremendous.

If you make it fun with dramatic play, cooking and dining and travel you will really enjoy and also become passionate about language learning.

The website is free to all who can benefit from my experience.

Please use the website fully and enjoy the information, recipes, ideas and music. Be sure to share it with friends and help promote language-learning fun.

Since there is only so much that can be covered on a website, you will need additional materials and products, for a more in-depth experience.

I recommend these products and tools to help you achieve greater proficiency and realize your goals.

I personally test every product that is recommended on the site and only choose those that are top quality, cutting edge, good value and effective.

They must help YOU learn language easily.

In order to provide free useful content to all, I do earn small commissions for products, which sell directly from my site. This is called affiliate marketing and is used by the many sites, large and small, in order to pay the bills.

However, my integrity and reputation are at stake and I can assure you, they come first. Your opinions and experiences matter to me.

If you have feedback, good or bad, about a particular product, I want to hear it and will make adjustments as appropriate.


Beth Manners

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