Spanish crafts for Kids Are Fun

Learn Culture While Teaching Spanish to Children

Spanish crafts for kids are entertaining and spark creativity. Try these easy and fun crafts.

Papel Picado

Papel picado (punched paper) is a Mexican folk art. The paper designs are displayed on many festive occasions including Easter and Christmas. They are hung on strings to make banners called “banderitas”.



Here is an easy child-friendly way to make your own papel picado. Make them for your next fiesta!

Use brightly colored construction or tissue paper – rectangular in shape. Fold the paper in half. Then, cut shapes and designs so that when you cut, it goes through both halves of the paper – providing symmetry. You can either draw the design first and then cut. Or, simply create it as you go.

To cut multiple rectangles at once, stack the papers in a neat pile. Then fold in half and cut through all the layers. Use lots of different colors for a festive effect.

String them to make banners and just add music!

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Piñata is played at birthday parties in many Spanish countries. Learn about Spanish birthdays and learn the Happy Birthday song in Spanish.

One of our favorite Spanish crafts for kids, this project takes several days to make.

Inflate a balloon to the size you want.

Mix together paste using 1 part flour to 2 parts water.

Tear newspaper into 1-inch strips. Dip one strip at a time into the paste.

Wipe off the excess and apply the strip onto the balloon, paper mache style. Continue the process until the balloon is completely covered with newspaper strips.

Dry overnight.

Add a second layer. Dry overnight.

Add a third layer. Dry overnight.

At the top of the balloon, cut a hole which will be used to fill the piñata with candy/ toys. Pull out the balloon and discard (careful balloons are choking hazards for children).

Punch two small holes on either side of the large hole, which will be used for hanging with a string.

Glue colorful strips of crepe paper to decorate. Completely cover the outside with crepe paper.


Crumple up crepe paper into small balls. Fill the piñata with candy and small toy prizes, and the small crepe paper balls. The crepe paper balls help provide even distribution and add to the festiveness when the piñata is broken open.

When the piñata is full, stuff the top opening hole with crumpled crepe paper. Put a string through the punched holes and your are ready to hang it up.

Aztec Pottery

• The ancient Aztecs in Mexico were technologically advanced for their time. They were also artists and created paintings, art and pottery. To re-create pottery crafts for kid, use paper plates. Paint them a base color – white or red is most authentic. Add borders and a picture in the center. Use photos of Aztec pottery for inspiration, then create your own design on the paper plate using pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers. Plates can then be hung on the walls.

Teaching Spanish to Children Should Always Include Culture.


To make a poncho, you need a heavy fabric, perhaps cut from an old blanket or fleece. You also need scissors and waterproof fabric markers. Cut a square 27” x 27”. To begin, fold your square in half diagonally to make a triangle. Cut a neck hole at the center of the centerfold. Make it a round semi-circle of 5” radius. Cut fringes by cutting slits on all the edges. Use the fabric markers to decorate your new poncho.

 Add a beads to the fringes and tie a knot at the base of each fringe piece to secure the bead.

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