Learn the Colors in French

The colors in French can be learned with games, coloring sheets and songs.

Color Masculine Feminine
Red Rouge(s) Rouge(s)
Pink Rose(s) Rose(s)
White Blanc(s) Blanche(s)
Yellow Jaune(s) Jaune(s)
Black Noir(s) Noire(s)
Purple Violet(s) Violette(s)
Green Vert(s) Verte(s)
Blue Bleu(s) Bleue(s)

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In French, nouns have gender – masculine or feminine. The French colors are adjectives that normally agree in gender and number with the noun. The color is typically placed after the noun. Plurals add an s as shown in parentheses.

The following colors in French are invariable. They stay the same regardless of gender or number.

Brown Marron
Orange Orange

Here are some examples:

  • A red apple – Une pomme rouge.
  • The white snow. – La neige blanche.
  • The blue shirt. – La chemise bleue.
  • The blue shirts. – Les chemises bleues.
  • Sounds like a lot to remember. Choose a few colors to focus on and then add on.

    Pass the Ball Game

    This is a fun way to learn a few colors at a time – with a group of friends. Sit in a circle. You will need six small balls - red, green, yellow, white, orange and blue. Pass the balls one at a time. As you are passing, everyone says the name of the color. To make it extra fun, we put our game to a fun rocky beat. Pass the ball is a fun classroom activity and is included in our Classroom French for Kids program. Classroom French also supplies an oversized parachute. Kids love to play parachute games and we use it to help learn the colors.

    Click here to listen to The Pass the Ball Game.

    Color Song

  • Rouge, vert. – (Red, Green.)
  • Rouge vert. – (Red, Green.)
  • J’aime le rouge, j’aime le vert. – (I like red, I like green.)
  • Est-ce que tu aimes le rouge? -( Do you like red?)
  • Est-ce que tu aimes le vert? – (Do you like green?)
  • Rouge, vert, rouge, vert. – (Red, green, red, green.)
  • Bleu , jaune. – (Blue, yellow.)
  • Bleu, jaune. – (Blue, yellow.)
  • J’aime le bleu, j’aime le jaune. – (I like blue, I like yellow.)
  • Est-ce que tu aimes le bleu? – (Do you like blue?)
  • Est-ce que tu aimes le jaune? – (Do you like yellow?)
  • Bleu, jaune, bleu, jaune. – (Blue, yellow, blue, yellow.)
  • Blanc, orange. – (White, orange.)
  • Blanc, orange. – (White, orange.)
  • J’aime le blanc, j’aime l’orange. – (I like white, I like orange.)
  • Est-ce que tu aimes le blanc? – (Do you like white?)
  • Est-ce que tu aimes l’orange? – (Do you like orange?)
  • Blanc, orange, blanc, orange. – (White, orange, white orange.)

  • Click here to listen to the Color Song.

    Coloring Sheets

    Practice colors by coloring! Click on the links below to download.

    Le ballon bleu.

    Le ballon vert.

    Le fromage jaune.

    La carotte orange.

    Le pain blanc.

    La pomme rouge.

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