Cinco de Mayo Activities

Try these Cinco de Mayo activities, to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. Many people have parties – fiestas. Start your fiesta with the Mexican Hat Dance. Play some Mexican games, such as pinata and make some crafts. Finish up with a delicious Mexican meal and mariachi music.

Sombrero Games

A Mexican sombrero is a wide brimmed hat, with a conical crown. Sombra means shade in Spanish. Sombreros are often used in traditional Mexican celebrations.You can make sombreros or buy them.

To Make Sombreros

Take two sheets of newspaper and put one on top of the other in an x shape. Then center them on top of a person’s head, and use masking tape to hold the conical crown. Remove the sombrero and pull up the brim. Cut the edges of the brim into a round shape. Paint the entire sombrero and let it dry. Punch holes, around the edge of the brim, every inch or so. String yarn through the holes and around the brim, for decoration.

Pass the Sombrero to Music

Play Mexican music and sit in a circle. Pass the sombrero, just like hot potato. When the music stops, the person holding the sombrero is out.

Steal the Sombero

Steal the Sombrero is a popular game, in Mexico. Everyone starts the game wearing a sombrero. Music is played, preferably Mexican. You have to grab someone else’s Sombrero, off their head. If someone grabs your sombrero, and you have another, you place it on your head. When the music stops, anyone not wearing a sombrero is out.

Mexican Hat Dance

According to legend, it was tradition in Mexico for a man to throw his sombrero at a woman’s feet, to ask her to marry him. The woman would dance around the sombrero and put it on her head, to say yes.Have everyone stand in a circle to do this traditional dance. Put a sombrero in the center.

Pin the tail on El Burro

Use a traditional pin the tail on the donkey set and learn the words for donkey – el burro. And tail - la cola.

Making Mexican Maracas

For each maraca you will need:

  • 1 latex balloon
  • 8-10 beans
  • 1 toilet paper tube
  • Newspaper – cut into strips
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Inflate the balloon to the size of a tennis ball and tie it.
  • Caution: balloons are choking hazards. Do not allow children to inflate. Always supervise children around balloons.

  • Mix together 1 cup water with 1 cup of white glue.

  • Dip paper strips in the mixture and use them to cover the balloon completely, paper mache style. Add a second layer of strips. Allow 8-10 hours to dry.

  • Untie and remove the balloon.

  • Put the beans into the maraca shell. Tape newspaper over the hole to close.

  • The toilet paper tube is the handle. Glue the toilet paper tube onto the shell, but first cut four evenly spaced longitudinal 1-inch slits . Bend down the slits and then glue the maraca shell into the center and glue the strips down. Paint and decorate.

    Try these Cinco de Mayo Recipes

    For more Cinco de Mayo activities, make these crafts including a pinata.

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