Children Learn Spanish And Have Fun With Spanish In A Basket!

“Empower Your Child To Get Ahead, By Learning Spanish”

Hi! I am Beth Manners.
Can children learn Spanish? Your child can learn Spanish using the same techniques that helped my two kids learn Spanish. Your child can develop a love of languages and culture, speak several languages, excel in school and be prepared for the global world. I created Spanish in a Basket, a unique learn through play program, that will give your child the opportunity to get ahead.

"Play Will Enhance Your Child's Thinking Skills"

Studies* show that play will enhance your child’s thinking skills. Plus, while having fun, your child will develop a love of learning. And learn-through-play makes learning Spanish easy and helps children learn spanish. It is easy for your child to learn the word for bread in Spanish, while holding a piece of toy bread and playing restaurant. Your child will learn Spanish fast through play.

“Take Advantage Of The Best Age To Learn Languages”

Spanish in a Basket was designed for young children, so your child can take advantage of the best age to learn languages - under age 10. Knowing other languages will make your child open and adaptable to different cultures. Learning another language at a young age makes it easier to pick up a third or even fourth language. Yes, learning Spanish now could help with high school French or Italian later on. It helped my kids with vocabulary on the SATs.

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“Your Child Can Have a Perfect Accent”

The Spanish in a Basket program is contained on four Spanish CDs, which will prompt your child to speak. Speaking is the hardest part of learning a language. Your child will meet and hear Señora Español speak and sing in native Spanish. Since young children have the ability to mimic perfectly, your child will begin to naturally pick up perfect Spanish pronunciation.

“How Can Dances, Songs and Games Make Your Child Excel in School?”

Dances to learn Spanish? Spanish in a Basket teaches right and left with a line dance. And action words are taught by playing ‘Dance n Freeze’. Your child will not realize he or she is actually learning the verbs. Your child will get off the couch and away from the screen, a good habit for fitness.

Click Here to Listen to Our Line Dance
Click Here to Listen to 'Dance n Freeze'

  • Spanish in a Basket includes lots of games – to make your child excited about learning. A love of learning will make your child excel at school.
  • Children love to sing, so we use original music and spanish songs for kids, throughout the program – to review vocabulary, making learning effortless. Did you ever notice that you remember catchy songs? Songs help your child remember information.

  • Our unique verb songs introduce verb conjugation. Learning the verbs will help achieve success in the upper grades. But your child will just think about being entertained and clapping along with the song, while learning Spanish.

    “Correlations Between Dramatic Play and Success”

    Put on the audio CD, and your child will be invited to go on a picnic with Bobby and Maria. First your child needs to pack the picnic basket. Hold up an apple and say ”una manzana” . Your child will learn the foods, while packing the basket . Spanish in a Baskets supplies the basket and all the foods for the picnic. Your child will be learning Spanish, while playing. Studies show a direct correlation between dramatic play and a child’s success in school.

    Click Hear to Listen to the Picnic

    "What is Multi-sensory Learning and Why Is It Effective?"

    Multi-sensory learning occurs when more than one sense is used. So, in our picnic game above, your child is seeing, hearing, touching. We also add in movement (packing the basket) for kinetic learning. Multi-sensory learning has been proven to be the most effective method with all types of learners and to help children learn Spanish. Your child naturally learned a first language by using all the senses; it is the easiest and most natural way for your child to learn a second language. Plus, your child will be having fun and will love learning.

    “Practical Spanish Phrases for Success In This Global World”

    The program helps children learn Spanish and teaches the basics:

  • •greetings, parts of body, places, foods, restaurant lingo, numbers,
  • •meals, Spanish culture, South American culture animals, days of week, alphabet,
  • •directions, action phrases, weather, seasons, travel terms, verbs,
  • •get up get dressed, birthdays.

    a foundation to build on.

    Plus. It teaches practical phrases- in this global economy, your child will one day travel for school or work and use these practical phrases.

    “Repetition Is The Key To Language Learning”

  • Repetition built in a fun way – such as playing Simon Sez, makes your child's learning easy and fast.

  • Stories review vocabulary so that your child will begin to think in Spanish. Thinking in Spanish is the ultimate goal and the key to achieving fluency.

    “Everything Is Included; Bring it With You And Learn Fast”

    You can participate with your child and learn some Spanish together. Or, your child can play alone. The directions are clear and child-friendly, we even direct your child to put everything back in the basket at the end of the lesson. No clean up.

    Spanish in a Basket comes packaged… in a basket, which makes a compact carrying case, to help children learn Spanish anywhere. Take Spanish in a Basket with you, while traveling, and your child can get lots of practice and really learn fast.

    “Give Your Child Every Opportunity”

    With Spanish in a Basket, you can give your child every opportunity to get ahead, be successful and do well in school. Your child will learn Spanish language and culture and be open-minded and adaptable. Your child will be well prepared for school and life in a global world.

    “Kim Kargbo of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Says…”

    The "props" that come with the kit are really cute; they engaged my 7 and 13-year-olds immediately, before I had time to look through the kit, they had taken the whole thing, found a CD player, and begun going through the lessons. They had a very firm grasp of many Spanish words and phrases at the end. I would highly recommend this kit to help children learn Spanish.

    Try Spanish in a Basket Risk Free for 30 Days - Money Back Guarantee

    SUPER SALE -While Supplies Last $55 (normally $99)

    Save $40 if you buy now.

    Pay by credit card or with Paypal account on secure server. Children learn Spanish now!
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    Also great for preschool Spanish or Elementary school Spanish.

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