Dramatic Play Helps Your Child Learn Spanish

Dramatic play creates memorable situations that help your child learn Spanish and stimulate the imagination. Play restaurant, go on a picnic, and meet new friends --- can all become Spanish lessons for kids.

It is fun, practical, easy and memorable to learn through dramatic play.

Let’s Go On a Picnic

Put out a picnic basket and gather some food. And let your child pack the basket. Great activity for a group too. Together, say each item in Spanish as your child is holding it and putting it in the basket.

Here are some foods (with indefinite article).

  • Un Pan - Bread
  • Un Queso - Cheese
  • Una Manzana - Apple
  • Una Naranja - Orange
  • Una Zanahoria - Carrot
  • Un Pastel - Cake
  • Other items
  • Una Canasta- Basket
  • Una Servilleta - Napkin

  • After packing march around and settle down with the basket and eat. And say…

  • Yo como….(I eat) … and fill in the blank.

  • Do you like it? Say…

  • Me gusta….and fill in the blank.
  • If you need help creating these dramatic situations, try Spanish in a Basket, which I created to help children learn Spanish through play. It includes all the picnic and restaurant materials you will need, plus stuffed animals who "only speak Spanish". The set has 4 CDs to do the teaching, using dramatic play, stories and original songs -- like the Touch Your Head song, which you can sample.

    Let’s Play Restaurant

    Real life situations are a practical way to help your child learn Spanish. Let your child be the server. First set the table. Together, say each word in Spanish as he or she touches the item.

  • Un Tenedor - A Fork
  • Una Cuchara - A Knife
  • Un Cuchillo - A Spoon
  • Un Plato - A Plate

  • Greet the server. Say...
  • Buenos días - Good morning

  • Or
  • Buenas tardes - Good afternoon

  • What would you like to drink? Lemonade? Ask the server. Say…
  • Querio una limonada . - I want a lemonade.
  • Por favor. - Please.

  • Some other possibilities (listed with the definite article).
  • La Leche - The Milk
  • El Agua - The Water
  • El Jugo - The Juice
  • El Café - The Coffee
  • EL Té - The Tea

  • Have your child serve you and say…
  • Aquí tienes una limonada. - Here is a lemonade.

  • And you say...
  • Gracias. - Thank you.

  • Are you hungry? Say...
  • Tengo hambre - I am hungry.

  • Ask for some food.
  • Quiero- I want
  • El desayuno- Breakfast

  • Here are a few choices:
  • Los huevos - The Eggs
  • El pan tostado - The Toast
  • El cereal - The Cereal

  • Or perhaps it is lunchtime.
  • El almuerzo - The Lunch
  • La sopa - The Soup
  • La hamburguesa - The hamburger
  • Las papas fritas - The French Fries
  • Yo como la sopa. - I eat the soup.

  • Would you like something more interesting?

  • Tacos
  • Enchildas
  • Tostadas
  • Burritos
  • Now Reverse Roles

    These are just a few examples of fun Spanish lessons for kids – and adults too! Use your imagination to think of more to help your child learn Spanish through dramatic play. Go to the supermarket, play ball , use puppets and plush and … ask your child for ideas.

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