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Beth Manners, writer and producer, worked as a project manager in international business for 10 years, and learned first-hand the importance of speaking other languages. She also observed, from European colleagues living in the United States, how easy it is for young children to learn new languages. Upon becoming a mother in 1990, her interest and passion for early-language learning developed.

She started teaching her daughter French at age three, and was so successful that she decided to start her second child even earlier at 18 months. Both children studied Spanish beginning in elementary school and languages became their favorite subject.

Beth developed many novel ways of teaching language through play and decided to share that information by developing products through her company, Future Boomers.

She wrote her first script in 1990 and assembled a team of language teachers, college professors, composers and foreign- speaking child actors and singers to produce Fun French for Kids. She followed up with Fun Spanish for Kids CD in 1998 and released both Magic French for Kids and Magic Spanish for Kids in 2000, and Playtime Spanish for Kids in 2002. The CDs won many awards, including Parent’s Choice and Dr. Toy, and have sold nationally and internationally for 15 years.

Beth travelled to many stores to promote the CDs and offered French and Spanish lessons for little children. Using dramatic play, games and songs, she further developed learn-through-play techniques, which led to the creation of elementary school programs, Classroom Spanish for Kids and Classroom French for Kids. The programs include audio CDs, curriculum and props and can be taught by the classroom teacher. The programs are used in public and private schools throughout the United States.

Beth’s latest product, Spanish in a Basket, makes the learn- through-play method available to consumers. It features audio CDs, stories, games, dances, songs, puppets, plush animals and more.

Beth is excited to share as much information as possible on the website and hear from all who are passionate about early language learning.

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